There are several offerings listed here, however if there is something else you would like me to create specifically for you and your group, please get in touch.


Why not improve your staff’s mental and physical wellbeing, productivity and (re)create a connected workforce through chair yoga and meditation?

Equip your staff with practical tools and techniques to help manage stress and work-life balance. This is especially important if you have staff working at home and need to ‘switch off’ at the end of their day.

This can be run in person or via Zoom.

Suggestion: 8-week course with weekly 45-60 minute classes

Gyms, Rings, Boxes and Sporting Clubs

Why not add value to your clients’ membership by offering a weekly work-in (as opposed to a work-out) with a yang or yin yoga and meditation class?

While your clients might look buffed and booty’d in their gear, stretching the fascia – the inter-connective tissue which holds our muscles, bones and organs in place, needs attention and a whole lot of love to minimise injury and maximise longevity in the ‘yang’ style of exercises like cross-fit, weight-lifting, boxing and cycling. Even yang yoga needs to be balanced with yin yoga.

Adding a weekly work-in with meditation and breath work class can improve your clients mental and physical wellbeing.

Suggestion: 6-8 week course with weekly 45-60 minute Yoga class incorporating yin yoga, meditation and breath work. This is best run in person in your studio, box or gym.

School Groups

Why not introduce or add yoga and meditation to your school’s student wellbeing and resilience program?

Provide your students with practical tools and techniques to calm mind and body; to focus and think clearly by minimising distracting thoughts; reduce stress and anxiety when studying and sitting exams and preparing for sports or performance based activities.

Equip teachers with practical tools and techniques to quickly settle students into class; and provide them with resources to deal with the daily demands of online and face-to-face teaching.

Suggestion: 8-week course with weekly 45-minute yoga, meditation and breath-work sessions. These can be done seated in a classroom; run within PE/sport or as an extra-curricular activity at lunchtime or after-school.

Specialist Groups

“Mother’s Little Helper” – Mamas who meditate

While The Rolling Stones sang about ‘Mother’s Little Helper’ in the form of a yellow pill, there are alternatives.

As a parent, life is all about what’s next. Juggling work, your children’s school and extra-curricular activities plus family commitments, housework, oh and don’t forget to walk the dog and the dentist appointment.

Yoga and meditation is about what’s now.

I can give you tips and tricks on how to meditate and move yourself from a state of ‘fight, flight or freeze’ to ‘rest and digest’ within a few minutes. You can meditate in the car while waiting to pick up your kids; after having a difficult conversation; or shortly before bed to set yourself up for a restful sleep.

Suggestion: 8-week course of weekly 20-30 minute sessions, suitable for all mums from those with newborns to those who are still feeding adult children who refuse to leave the nest. This can be done via Zoom or in person, as a private or small group session.

“The Heat is On” – PAMs Yoga

As Glenn Frey sang ‘The Heat Is On’. Peri-menopause and menopause is as a dramatic hormonal and emotional transition as puberty and yet it is largely ignored. And for some women aged between 40-55 years, they can experience up to ten years of insomnia, hot flushes, fatigue, irritability, depression, anxiety and reduced libido.

Introducing a regular calming and restorative Yin Yoga plus specific breath practices to cool hot bodies and minds can make a dramatic improvement for women experiencing this stage of life.

Suggestion: 8-week course with weekly 45-60 minute Yin yoga and Breath-work classes. Grab some girlfriends and create a small group for these sessions on Zoom or in person in someone’s home.

“The Drugs Don’t Work” – Yoga for Pain Management & recovery from Illness and Injury

As The Verve sang ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ and while yoga and meditation are not a substitute for your specialist health provider’s medicinal recommendations, they can help to manage your mind when experiencing pain, discomfort, anxiety and frustration while living with or recovering from illness and injury.

Yoga can be adapted to suit individuals of any age and physical capability.

Suggestion: 6-8 week course with weekly 30-60 minute bespoke program. Best suited to individuals or small groups.

Family Ties – A Bendy Bonding Session

Why not get the whole family together for a bendy bonding session without leaving home?

Everyone can join in from the youngest family member to an older family member who may have restricted movement. All generations welcome. Pets welcome, too!

Suggestion: 6-week course with 45-60 minute sessions. Created specifically for your family.

“Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for tomorrow we …do yoga!” – Yoga for Night Owls and Party Animals

No judgements here… but if you enjoy a tipple or ten and burning the candle at both ends, then maybe introducing a weekly yoga session can flush out some of those toxins and bring a bit of harmony back into those organs that take a beating on the weekends.

A slow and restorative session with lots of twists to flush fresh blood and oxygen into the liver and kidneys – the main organs of detoxification, with gentle massaging of the supportive detox organs – the lungs, lymph and colon!

Suggestion: a weekly 45-60 minute restorative yoga class to assist recovery from big weekends filled to the brim with alcohol and rich food. Gather up your gang of grog monsters and commit to a weekly yoga session to get yourself in order for another week.

You are only as old as you feel – Yoga for Stiffies and Gnarlies

If you are stiff and sore from going from zero-to-hero; have a touch of Arthur Ritis; perhaps experiencing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or think you could still get a kick at full-forward if only you could move a bit better, then this is for you.

A slow and supportive Yin yoga session with lots of gentle movement to increase blood flow and improve moments in the synovial joints (hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, ankles) to get you doing the things you love with greater ease.

Suggestion: a weekly 45-60 minute restorative yoga class with lots of props – bolsters, blocks, blankets and chairs – to totally support aching or weary joints. Gather up your gang of Stiffies and Gnarlies and commit to a weekly yoga session to get yourself in order for another week.

Food+Yoga by Flip – Yoga is 80% Food

Enjoy a 2-hour workshop combining two of my favourite things – food and yoga. A relaxing and restorative, fun and informative workshop to leave you, your staff, friends and family inspired and fulfilled…and full!

Start with a one hour yoga practice to both calm and stimulate digestion, then enjoy a demonstration on how to prepare the restorative and healing Ayurvedic meal, kitchari, while sipping Digestive Tea and enjoying some nibbles.

Suggestion: One 2-hour class. Best suited for small groups up to 8 people in your home.

Please note that due to health and safety, all clients need to supply their own yoga mats and props for the courses undertaken in homes, schools, offices, gyms etc.

“Yoga is not a work out, it’s a work in”
Rolf Gates