About Flip Shelton

In a nutshell, I’m a writer, presenter, broadcaster, muesli maker, garlic grower, mum, yoga teacher and student.

More broadly, I’ve had three cookbooks published (Green, Veg In and Smart Snacks), six kids’ books, I’ve talked about food and fitness on radio and television for years; written articles for opinion pages, travel and food; have my own range of muesli (Flip Shelton’s natural muesli and porridges) and I’m a mum to 12-year old Harvey. I’ve been actively involved in a number of volunteer roles at my son’s primary school, including School Council, Events, Marketing & Fundraising sub-committee, Student Learning & Well-being Sub-committee; Tuckshop Working Group – all of which I have loved being able to effect positive change. At his primary school, I also taught cooking classes.

Physically I’ve tried to keep fit with aerobics (remember the 80’s?), weights, fun runs and marathons, triathlon and Ironman events (that’s a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run). These days I love cross-fit.

What has underpinned my not-so-straight career path and my changing physical endeavours, is yoga. My relationship has waxed and waned over the years and sometimes I have not been a loyal student but it has been there always.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over two decades and recently qualified as a Yoga Teacher having completed my 350 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Australian Yoga Academy and 80 Hour Meditation Teacher Training. I also have several other qualifications and courses under my belt, including Mindful Breath and Movement for Children and Youth and Yin Yoga Anatomy.

While these courses have deepened my knowledge and love of yoga this is really the start of my yoga teacher training as I will continue to do courses and read and learn for the rest of my life. We are always students of yoga.

To me yoga is not about what you look like in the shape, but about how you feel in the shape. One of my favourite sayings is, ‘yoga is not about touching your toes but what you find out on the way down!’ (Jigar Gor)

And I am passionate about encouraging everyone of any age to check out yoga one breath at a time.

So, whether you are a beginner; recuperating from illness; recovering from injury, or supremely fit and looking for something a bit more restorative; whether you are young or young at heart, I can help you find a form of yoga to support you.

My Qualifications

  • 350 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Australian Yoga Academy (2020-21)
  • 80 Hour Meditation Teacher Training, Australian Yoga Academy (2021)
  • 50 Hour Pranayama Teacher Training, Dominque Salerno (2023)
  • 50 Hour Yin Yoga and Anatomy, Dr Karina Smith (2021)
  • 25 Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Paul Archer (2022)
  • Mindful Breath and Movement for Youth with Beata Heymann (2021)
  • Mindfulness for Children with Anne Love (2019)
  • Handstand Workshop with Jack White (2019)
  • 8-week Yoga Immersion, Humming Puppy (2018)
  • Working with Children Check
  • First Aid (Level 2) with CPR
  • Yoga Alliance registered

“If everyone practiced yoga, pharmacies would need to close”
BKS Iyengar